The Grilled Cheese

I’ve talked about food here before. And, I’ve even shared recipes here as well. And, here’s another simple one for a great grilled cheese.

I developed this recipe in an attempt to add some more cheese into the grilled, and have a better flavor than just cheese.

The components are simple: Bread, butter, cheese, and time to cook it.

I prefer to use Grandma Sycamore’s bread due to its superb structure and flavor.
Kroger American cheese melts evenly and doesn’t have a plasticy flavor.
Cache Valley Muenster is the best muenster.
Blue Bonnet spreads nicely and creates a golden crispy outer glow to the bread.

First, butter the outsides of your bread slices. Easy.

Then, place your first slices of bread (butter side down) on your warmed skillet.

Okay, this next step is very important: The American cheese lays down first. It has to lay down first! Because of the low melting temperature of the American cheese, it has to go on first. It helps soften the next layer of cheese and hold it all together.

Now, here comes the Munster cheese. This is what adds the extra deliciousness to the whole thing. It’s really that simple. However, the muenster has to go second. It must go on top of the American cheese. You have to do it in this order or it doesn’t melt right and falls apart when you flip it! (I don’t know why, it just has to be this way. it’s science)

Then, the other slice of bread—butter side up.

Grill to desired golden color. Don’t burn the sandwich.

Finally, cut it diagonally, eat, and enjoy.

I thought this was all you needed to make this sandwich grand. I was wrong. And no, I don’t add weird stuff to my grilled cheese. Things like slices of tomato, or apple, or pear. Yuck.
If I have offended you. Too bad.

This go-’round I tried something that I normally wouldn’t have. I added something. Yes, I know how hypocritical this sounds. In between the layers of cheese on one of the sandwiches I added a lovely swirl of honey.

These past two (or has it been three…? it’s been so long…) weeks my wife and I have been sick. We have been drinking a lot of honey-lemon tea. It’s been delicious and has caused me to add honey to so many of my regular food choices. I only added it to one sandwich in case it was nasty. It wasn’t. It was delicious! So, yeah… Try it. Add a spiral drizzle of honey on top of the American cheese before you lay down the muenster. It is SO good.

This is where I put the honey swirl. Right between the cheeses, before I placed the muenster.

So… Yeah. Have some good, warm, comfort food. Make yourself a grilled cheese. Then eat it. ‘Cause, that’s what you’re supposed to do with it. Enjoy!

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