I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas

The Cast: Myself (wanting snow), Snow (not happening).

Having grown-up in North America (the North-Western portion) I have become accustomed to snow. I don’t recall what it was like in Idaho, but I do remember finding myself up to my armpits in snow one winter in Montana. It’s not that impressive when find out I was only three feet tall. But still, I was up to my armpits!

I love the snow. I truly do. I love getting to get all snuggled up in winter clothes and having fires (in the fireplace—don’t get any ideas). I love it all! Fortunately for me, by the time I get a little tired of it, the season ends and along comes a new season! My point is, that I have always had snow at Christmas time. Even in the odd little Utah town I live in now (and all its unique weather) we get snow—even it it’s just a little bit of snow, or melting snow, it’s still some snow. A storm is even expected this week—which is good because as I write this (Dec. 24th) our snow is melted (so I expect big things tonight). Every year there has been snow on Christmas Day. Even the year when there wasn’t.

One year, when I was about 15, our winter in Manti had been miserable. We had not received any snow. NO SNOW! Not even a brief dusting of snow only to have it melt the next day. NO SNOW! And the forecast said: “No snow.” Stupid weatherman and his inability to predict random atmospheric anomalies that are affected moment by moment and that affect the world, with 100% accuracy.

Two weeks before Christmas: No snow.

One week before Christmas: No snow.

Christmas Eve: No snow.

I was waiting for my Christmas miracle: Snow. I knew it could happen. After all, it was the Christmas season, a very real season that represents the bringing of miracles into the world with the birth of Jesus Christ. And not to trivialize any of that, but I knew miracles could happen (I also still know they can happen—no faith lost here). So, on Christmas Eve I went to bed, waiting for the dawn of Christmas Day and all the white that would be waiting for me.

Christmas Day: No snow. What?!? Awe man… But it was still Christmas Day, so-o… My family all gathered downstairs in front of the giant tree and began to open our gifts. Shortly into this celebration someone noticed something: Snow.

Real snow? Falling? Really? Yes. Yes it was!


It snowed all throughout the gift opening, and into the yummy breakfast Christmas casserole (a Bagnall family tradition—OHHH SOOO GOO-OOD!). After the casserole, my family returned to the front room only to find no more snow falling. Worse even still, no snow collected on the ground. That year we did not get any new snow, or snow that stayed, for another two weeks. However, the snow that had fallen on Christmas day, fell long enough for us to enjoy a white Christmas present opening and breakfast. I still think on that Christmas Day fondly, as it was a simple magical Christmas miracle for me nonetheless.

May this story find you enjoying your holiday in the traditions that bring you peace and joy. And for those interested…

Cook the sausage (1 1/2 –2 lbs ground sausage)
Grease the pan (Pam or cooking spray)
Lay down a layer of bread slices, side by side, in the pan ( a standard cake pan 9″x13″ if you wanna get technical)
Evenly distribute cooked sausage over the bread
Spread the shredded cheese over the sausage
Pour custard over everything
—Custard (2 or 3 eggs, 2 cups milk, 3/4 tsp dry mustard, dried onions (optional), 1 can cream of mushroom)
Cover with aluminium foil and place in refrigerator until morning
Next morning place pan in the oven (no need to preheat) at 350° for 40ish minutes
You can try 475° for 15 minutes first (that’s optional, my wife doesn’t do that)

If you put it in the oven at the start of present opening, then it is usually done by the time you need breakfast. This tradition started with my father’s mother, and I think it is just a recipe she got from her mother. We eat it only on Christmas Day, this way we never get sick of eating it! It has become one of our favorite family traditions—there are so many.

Happy Christmas to all!

Authors note Dec 25th: It snowed!!!

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