I Know a Guy, Remember

It seems like only last week…

It was only last week.

Last week I published a short little comic strip that a student had written about me. I thought it was funny. After all, you gotta be able to laugh at yourself. Right? Right. Honestly, I didn’t expect the comic to last forever. Still, the student had several fellow students that looked forward to each edition. I did too. Although, I still don’t understand why I said “Good morning handsome” to a toilet. Whatever.

At any rate, yesterday. I was informed that it is over. The student would no longer be writing any more comics. Sad. They were pretty funny. That said, I do understand the pressures of trying to come up with new material every day, or week. While they may not be world-renowned, I have a few years of Minion Mondays, Trooper Tuesday, Minion & Hobbes Monday, the recent addition of Meteoric Fall, and, of course, my regular blog posts. It can be tiring trying to come up with new material. Also, middle school children have better things to do with their time. So, I understand.

Still, I will miss seeing what new adventures I would have gotten into. Not to mention the “I know a guy” girl. Well, here they are, the last of the I Know a Guy comics. Maybe they’ll be syndicated? If I overhyped this last week, I’m sorry. I know I was looking forward to more of my fictional, ridiculous adventures, as well as how many strange and shadowy individuals the little neighbor kid knew.

In Issue #9 the “I know a guy” girl and I get ice cream after a long day.
Issue #10 just feels familiar. Somehow.

There I am, again, in Issue #11 saying good morning to the toilet. I don’t do that in real life. Promise.
Issue #12 has my haircut. Again.

Know-a-guy Girl is nice enough to wheel me home in a wheelchair. In the end, I end up looking like Sponge Bob Squarepants—there are worse things. And, as I write this, I realize that this is Issue #13. The infamous unlucky number!
The sound of my palm-slap against my own forehead was too loud. I think I hurt myself.

This explains so much…

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