I Know a Guy

I don’t know how this started. Honest.

So, if you are new here (thank you for visiting, free to look around), you may not know that I work at a middle school. Part of the responsibilities that I have involve working with students at lunch. We have three lunch periods (I’ve mentioned this before). I help out in two of those periods. Well, one day, a cartoon happened.

The student drew me.

They had drawn me with wild crazy hair. It looked like my head had exploded. Great…

Okay, fine. So, I rebuttaled with my own cartoon. About my hair—because of the aforementioned cartoon. Next thing I know, it’s now an almost daily publication. At first, the student was just doing it to make us laugh. Then, a friend saw it and wanted to see more. Then I was kinda sharing it, and that person wanted to see more. There are now a handful of students that want this to be a thing. Like a book or something like that.

The title is undecided. The student thinks it should be one thing. I am leaning more toward other ideas. Still, with the few options that have been discussed, I am like one in particular more and more. It has multiple levels of meaning and still remains open to interpretation of silliness. The one I like most, so far: I Know a Guy.

In this comic strip, I have some odd adventures and almost every time there is a little girl that steps into frame and says, “I know a guy…” Who is this child?!? Who does she know and how does she know them?!! The whole premise is ridiculous for so many reasons and on so many levels. I secretly love it. You gotta laugh at yourself. You have to. With every new story, I pretend to overreact to why I am so picked on. This just fuels the student to want to make fun of me even more. It is one of the reasons I love doing what I do. Children are the best.

And so, here are the first few issues of The Comicstrip Currently Without a Name or, I Know a Guy. (with some explanations)

My hair is parted down the middle. I’ve had this haircut for decades. The cartoons are on 3″x5″ cards and each issue is set side-by-side. So, Issue #1, then Issue #2, and so on. The yellow sticky-note is my response to the first one by the student. I don’t know why they gave me an afro.

In Issue #2 I gain my iconic coif. It is more true than the student could have possibly known. Still, I don’t know why I called the toilet handsome.

In Issue #3 I apparently have giant feet and require assistance. Then, in Issue #4, it’s my neck. I am at the receiving end of some bad events. Seriously.

Issue #4 the infamous “I know a guy” little girl says her catchphrase for the first time.

For you Sponge Bob fans you can almost hear the voice when you read “A while later…”

This time, in Issue #6, she knows a girl.
Why are we at the park? I do love a good swing but… How did we get there?

There is more in the works. There is a small following. We’ll see how long this lasts. As more arrive, I’ll publish the latest editions.

To be continued…

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