Happy Summerween!

A couple years ago I wrote about Summerween. Now, if you don’t know what Summerween is, you may need to watch an episode or two of Gravity Falls. If you don’t know what Gravity Falls is… Good luck in life.

I jest—sort of. Gravity Falls is a wonderfully written story that you can read more about, here. Honestly, I don’t have more to add on today’s topic other than it’s Summerween!—and it’s fun.

My family really only started celebrating it (when I say ‘my family’ I am referring to myself and my youngest) a few years ago. We’ve known about it longer than that, it’s just that it was only recently that we decided to go for it. We buy a few watermelons so we can carve the traditional Jack-O-Melon. We also buy some candy (in case trick-or-treaters stop by—they never do). We might watch an old scary movie. But really, we just enjoy the day. Are there other people out there that celebrate Summerween? It’s possible. I found a post about ways to celebrate it at It’s a Charming Life and here at The Dot and Line.

Really, all Summerween is is just Halloween in the summer. You get dressed up in costume, decorate, trick-or-treat (no loser candy), have fun… The typical Halloween stuff, but, again, in the summertime. If you’re still not following what to do or what this is, Google it. You might be surprised at how big this fake holiday truly is. Some people go all in. I read a post where one guy mentioned that he might dress up as a mime and then go about his business as usual. Then, if anybody asked what his deal was, he would just silently stare at them. Brilliant.

Could this holiday catch on and become so popular that it eventually become official? I hope so. Still, even if it doesn’t, I’m gonna have some fun today. Time to get carving…

Pro Tip: Have a wide-mouth straw available. As you carve, lots of juice and bits of watermelon will fill the spots that you have scooped away. A wide-mouth straw will allow you to drink the juices up and not get clogged with the watermelon bits.

The first Jack-O-Melon carving from a few years ago.
The finished Jack-O-Melons from a few years ago.
Last year’s Jack-O-Melon scarecrow.

Have fun today (and every day)!

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