Poetic Just Us

The Cast: Aurora (co-creative), Myself (also, co-creative).

My kids are awesome. They are.

Due to circumstances, I find myself with more one-on-one time with my youngest child than it seems like I had with the other three. I think that it is because when all four were home, my time was divided amongst them all. Whereas now, with only one at home… That said, even when all four were home, my oldest did enjoy more one-on-one time with me than my boys did. But that is all beside the point.

My kids are awesome. I know, I already mentioned that. I say it because I came across an old poem that I—together with my youngest—wrote, quite some time ago. Sometimes, when Aurora and I go on drives, we talk about strange things. She loves learning. She wants to know stuff. Also, sometimes we just get creative and weird. She’s fun that way. Once, we wrote a poem. I don’t recall exactly why we did, or how it started. Like, was it on purpose? Did we just roll with an idea? Regardless of how it began—or why—we wrote it down in one of my several sketch/idea books. Seriously, I have so many.

This week I decided to share the aforementioned poem. It isn’t much. It isn’t overly developed. It is just what it is: A short, spontaneous moment of whimsy, silliness, levity, and litirical wordages (I know what I wrote). Aurora and I put together some verbiage and sounds, and, when I asked her for the final line she gave it. I was surprised and yet, not. She is quick with the wit and sharp as a tack. It is fun to watch her interact with others. Her mind…

So, here it is. The poem (written I don’t know how long ago). And, if my notes are correct…

Wait. Sorry. I forgot the whole disclaimer thing. You know, this is a work of fiction blah blah blah. Any resemblance to persons living or dead blah blah blah. It is only by chance blah blah blah. I’m sure that any reasonable person would already know all that, but… I don’t know if any of you are reasonable. Most of us have never met. So, blah blah blah.

As I have already mentioned before: If my notes are correct, I present you with Priority Mail (I don’t know why it’s titled that), by William and Aurora Bagnall.

Sharon Scott has been through a lot
and still she isn’t dead.
No toothbrush in her teeth.
No bullet in her head.
No splinters in her toes.
No blackhead in her nose.
Dog on an elevator.

Again, that last line is 100% Aurora and her sense of humor (I think she gets it from her father). Like I said before, my kids are awesome.

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