The Cast: The school, and me.

Right now, I’m at work. Soon, my day will be over—and so will school.

Originally, I had planned on posting something completely different (I’m now saving it for next week). When I began this blog I wanted to do quality work—what I deemed quality work. I wanted the people that found Almost Heroes to be happy that they did. This week doesn’t really feel like it. For that I am sorry.

Over the last few days, I have been surrounded by middle-school-aged children doing what middle-school-aged children do on the last few days of school. As I often hear this time of year: It’s like herding cats. And to a degree, I agree. The children are ready to be done, some of the teachers are too. We have weathered the year’s storm together and have made it. But, at the end of the school year… Well, Spring is here and many of us are ready to Spring.

So, maybe take some time this week and stroll down memory lane. I know that as I have endeavored to bring to you my fond memories of my childhood mayhem, I have enjoyed the reflections, tremendously. So, yeah, take some time to pull out your old yearbooks. Take a look at those goofy pictures and share them—along with the memories—with your spouse, or children, or even a coworker. Take a moment and call up an old friend. Reminisce with those that you wish. Remember.

History is sometimes what we remember it to be. And, sometimes we just need to be reminded, by those that were there and those that care. So, again, take some time to reflect and recall those yesteryears (good or bad). Often, we can’t move forward if we don’t know where we’ve been.

Additional: I found out today, that one of the science teachers at my school is retiring. Today was her last day. She was the kind of teacher that every teacher should be. She had energy to spare, was always excited to learn something new, thought everyone had something to offer, so positive, and so much more. She has received multiple awards as a teacher because of who she is and how she managed her classroom. She is irreplaceable. She will be sorely missed.

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