Little Fish

Today, my heart aches. It is broken.

Today, a little more of my nation has been taken away.

Honestly, I had planned to post something else. But I couldn’t do it. Not today. I know that I am just a little fish. Someone without a large following on social media. Someone without a lot of money. Someone without the ‘right connections’. I know all this. And who knows, maybe this won’t be read by more than a handful of people? I hope not. But, who knows? Maybe, just maybe, I can affect someone, somewhere, in a positive way.

This morning my head began to swim with thoughts of what is happening today. A new president is being sworn in. A man, who had robbed my nation of a part of its republic. A man who has been part of one of the largest election frauds this country has ever seen. And he is still getting to be president. I just can’t…

My Ukrainian grandfather came to this country to get away from corrupt government. His parents fled to find freedom. When old enough, he joined the U.S. Army to help defend his new nation from evil and socialism. Yet here we are now.

My mother came to the U.S.A. for a better life. She would often tell us about the conditions of her native Costa Rica, and Panama. How choices weren’t always there. How she liked getting to see the G.I.’s experiencing freedoms, right next to her. But they weren’t her freedoms. I vividly recall her telling of how she went to the hospital and sat in the waiting room, across from her was a man with shrapnel sticking out of his body (in the head and gut), just waiting for his turn. No E.R., no priority. He was waiting, with shrapnel in his body, for his turn!

She repeatedly told of how she would gladly pay higher American doctor’s fees, knowing that full well that they were competing for our business. “If the doctor is bad, nobody will go to him. He loses business. He has to be good to get patients.” She would often say. Then follow it with, “Where I lived, with socialized medicine, you might get a good doctor, or a bad one. But it wouldn’t matter because they would still have their job no matter what happened to you.” Not something I ever wanted. Then came Obamacare…

Does anyone else recall Nancy Pelosi demanding that everyone “just sign the bill, then we’ll tell you what’s in it”? I do. There was a demand for it to be signed, then we would find out what was enacted. That’s wrong. WRONG! Now, we have a screwed-up health care system.

I remember stories from my grandmother. How she would tell me about how great America was. How she loved living here. How she got to choose. How she was free. How her voice mattered. As a child, I didn’t get it. I didn’t understand. I do now.

I was taught to serve. That freedom isn’t free. That we reap what we sow. So…

The Marine Corps made me part of something that will not go away. Our history is one of loyalty to the republic that is our nation. While I am still proud of that connection to my Corps, I am saddened by what has happened to my nation, and what may have to be done to set it all right again.

I have had to sit and watch as my capital is fenced and up and begins to look like something from a third-world dictatorship. That’s not my America. That’s not right.

The new V.P. is one who is on record as threatening the citizens of America. What? How…?

The former president has been vilified and slandered non-stop for four years, and still, he did many great things for this country: Economic growth, decreased unemployment, he created jobs, strengthened the nation, and all while having to work upstream, neck-deep, in crap-creek, with his mouth open, because the enemy (within our walls, and without) didn’t want him to succeed in any way, shape or form. And yet he still did. Imagine how much Trump could have accomplished without all that opposition? It would have been terrifyingly-amazing. America would have become a real force to be reckoned with. We would have been strong: Economically, as a people, as a whole.

I am so beyond angry and upset… I am a God-fearing man. I know He has a plan. I know it is difficult to see the end, but He sees it. I also know that He has given us free agency. The ability to choose our own fate—regardless of if it is not what he would want for us. We get that. That is His gift to us. We get to choose.

I also know that this land is a chosen land. A land that was watched over by God. Now, I am unsure. I am unsure only because, when we do not follow His laws, he is not bound to keep His part of the bargain. That would be our fault if He leaves us to the wolves of the world. Remember, free agency.

They don’t teach a lot about the founding fathers of the United States of America. I think now, that is it because it would create more fighters of freedom than our enemies could handle. This nation has slowly been groomed into submission. Did you know that almost all of the founding fathers lost everything? Wives, children, land, property… Everything. As soon as they signed, our enemies came for them with everything they had. John Hart was forced to leave his dying wife’s side. Francis Lewis’ wife died in jail—she was in jail because she was his wife. Are we willing to risk it all for what we believe in?

I think so much has happened because nobody is listening. I still have the ringing of freedom in my ears. So many have been born and raised in safety and security, that they don’t have any idea of what it’s like to suffer at the hands of tyranny. They are so removed from the evils of dictatorship, that they don’t hear the bells calling for them to fight for liberty and freedom.

This nation was founded on foreigners. People coming here and wanting a better life. I know when my ancestors came over. I am a first-generation American. I still hear the bells tolling for me to stand up and fight. The freedom of a nation is not given. It is bought by the sacrifice of its people. This nation does not owe any of us anything. We owe it! The question is still accurate and true: What can you do for your country?

We, as a nation, as a people, in order to maintain our freedoms and liberties must stand-up to those that would silence us. We must fight for those freedoms and liberties that we hold so dear. May the crying of freedom ring forever in your ears. May your hearts be strong and true to the cause of liberty for all. And, may God be with you.

I know that I am just a little fish, but maybe, just maybe, I can affect someone, somewhere, in a positive way.

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