Keeping Watch

A couple weeks ago I did a little photoshoot and come away with several good angles of the same event. As a result I couldn’t decide which one to use. So, I used a few and let the positions and lighting decide the narrative for each.

This one was inspired by a pin-up from the only G.I. Joe comic I ever owned (I still have it), G.I. Joe #19. As a kid, I thought this was one of the most awesomest things I ever saw. This was all before Snake Eyes became more ninja than Joe. He was already stealthy, and super cool, but just not as “ninja-y” as he later became. Is ninja-y a word?

A Sandtrooper is eaten by a rancor while another Sandtrooper stands unawares.
Careful of what you wish for.
G.I. Joe #19, JOE TRIUMPHS!, January 1984 pin-up.

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