The Watchtower

The Blueprint Bunker’s Big Bivey of Blueprints presents: The Watchtower

This is one of the newest designs to be developed and it has done well, repeatedly. One of the best things about this design is that it only requires a few minutes to construct, and reinforce.

The idea for this particular build came as a result of the Retrieve the Data mission decreasing the landing zone from a 2×2 grid to just one tile. Also, I keep trying to figure out ways to allow my defenders to handle the basic husks so that I can do other tasks (like focus on the Wall Smashers, or mini bosses, or farm).

The blueprint.

Never knowing where the landing zone might be can become frustrating. The concern of what will be in the nearby area—for both your benefit and detriment. Not to mention the direction(s) of attack. With The Watchtower build, you always know what your defense structure will be. All you need to worry about is… Well, not a lot really.

By keeping platforms up high, the defenders are less likely to get attacked directly. This is good for you. Those little jumper husks might sometimes still reach the tower to attack them, but all you need to do is place a Ceiling Dynamo over your Defender and all is taken care of. If Pitcher Husks or other “shooty” type husks appear, they may directly attack your defenders, but they don’t shoot often enough to worry about, and those “shooter” husks will be dealt with quickly enough.

By placing a ceiling tile above your Defenders you keep them from getting directly hit from lobbers. Yes, they might still take some damage from the blast, but there is no direct hit. And because there is a ceiling for them, that makes a floor for you (above the Defenders). Use this to set up a R.O.S.I.E. (or more if you have multiple constructors), or stand out of the ground assault and fire away at the oncoming horde. Better still, head up top, toss up a little sentry bot to help shoot-up those pesky husks so you don’t have to use any ammunition. You get a lot done without using much. Plus, by staying central to the build, you can quickly make repairs or drop down to help get rid of those tougher husks.

By having a defender up high, on each side, all attack directions are already taken into account. And if you have your build set right, you have double the fire power. But if the storm splits on you, you still can have at least one defender shooting on each side. That’s when you get to play support to them. The amount of firepower your defenders lay-down is dependant upon what you give them. So, while the structure itself is sufficient; good support, as well as traps, makes this build self-sufficient (for many lower to mid-range levels). My buddy likes to give his defender the Neon Sniper rifle because they don’t have to have direct line-of-sight to shoot their target. I prefer the Duet. It has a distinct sound when fired and lays good, evenly timed shots going down range. Because of the sound, during all the chaos of the fight, I know when/if my Defender is shooting.

After this design was established, Fortnite released the Anti-Air Trap. NICE! So, rather than rework every part of the blueprint, I have just added a blueprint with a modification that allows for the Anti-Air Trap to provide better support to The Watchtower. And here it is!

Fortnite: Save the World Watchtower blueprint.

Also, since The Watchtower is designed to incorporate a B.A.S.E., if you don’t have a constructor to set one for you, the middle space is wasted. So, here are some sketches of alternate design structures that may be built to better use that second floor, for both you and multiple Defenders.

This build works great when the drop zone is a large open area, a corner, in a valley and surrounded, on a cliff edge, by a pit, when the husks attack from one direction, when the storm splits, when the storm rotates, or some sort of sick combination of all of them. The Watchtower works wonders.

It has turned out to be one of the most flexible structure designs I have developed. Under the ‘wing’ sections you can place ceiling traps to help weaken/eliminate attacking husks. Around the base of the structure you can quickly set up tiles for floor traps or healing pads, spots for Campfires or a R.O.S.I.E., or a Defender Post for those close-combat situations.

Now, here are some videos showing the first build/use of The Watchtower, as well as some special test builds for the unique circumstances. And if you’re interested, here is a link to find the printable blueprint. Enjoy, and thanks for watching.

Here is the first attempt at building and using The Watchtower.
Here is a more complicated build, and additional players.
Here is a modification for low levels.

For more FortKnights videos go here.

I hope you enjoyed this, and feel free to comment.

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