365 Days of Stupid (give or take a few)

This weekend my family attended a friend holiday party. Just a gathering of friends from high school, our spouses/dates, our children (and some of their dates). It was lots of fun. And since it was still the holidays, we had a White Elephant Gift exchange. A quick side note: Nobody brought a ‘white elephant’ (nobody ever does).

Anyway, I ended up with a calendar of 365 of the stupid things ever said (their words not mine)—and it’s last years calendar. Lots of fun comments were made, such as, “Oh, your high school years.” “I knew writing down what you said would pay off.” And other fun insults at my expense (it’s all good, after all, they have been my friends for more than 20 years).

My response to the gift was, “365 stupid saying. I don’t wanna go home with myself.” To which my oldest daughter quipped, “366.” Oh, she’s quick witted. The stinker.

So, I shall share with you all. As I have glanced through the calendar, within the proper context, not all of these are truly stupid. However, they all are… well… Okay, they’re stupid. And so, here is today’s stupid (the first of many to come):

“I didn’t think there were too many problems other than two interceptions in the red zone and one blocked field goal.” —Steve Young, San Francisco quarterback, after the 49ers’ 10–7 loss to Houston.

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