Jarich Frame 101

The Blueprint Bunker’s Big Bivey of Blueprints presents: The Jarich Frame (jĕrˊick freim).

Well, this trap-structure was created shortly after Fortnite was first released. And, in the original forums, this blueprint was first posted. Since the changeover to the new forums, I haven’t reposted the Jarich Frame blueprint. The idea now, is to showcase a trap-structure design, hopefully at least once a month. Along with some tips, ideas, and a link to a video demonstrating the trap-structure. And so here is the first trap-structure design: The Jarich Frame (jĕrˊick freim).

Original Jarich Frame design.

The basic Jarich Frame consists of one floor tile, one wall tile (with an archway), a sloped ceiling tile (attached to the wall tile, placed over the floor tile), and one floor launcher. The principle behind the design is to be able to toss—and redirect—the husks from where they are heading, to where you want them to be (backward, off a cliff, into a pit, etc.). Easy to set up. Player safe. Husk sturdy.

Reasons to use:
1. The extreme versatility: Directional & multi-use
2. It’s open—does not block pathways of movement or shooting
3. Adds height/fall damage
4. Ease of build

Reasons for failure:
1. The Floor Launcher gets used up
2. Propane tanks blow it up
3. It gets smashed by a wall smasher (only if they get the momentum, otherwise they get launched too)
4. You don’t remember your Jarich Frame 101 tips

Like Real Estate, the location of the Jarich Frame placement is important. And I mean every part of it. Where the floor tile is placed. Where the wall is set. Which direction the husks are thrown (away from you, off a cliff, into another trap, and so on). So, take a moment and look around at the approaching husk path. Where will they come from? Can you channel them?

If you can channel them into the Jarich Frame with the addition of a simple wall, then add the wall! Keep in mind that in the beginning / easier levels there is no need to get fancy. Just use the basic designs found on the blueprint. However, as you advance and play harder missions, the Jarich Frame may need to be employed to buy you a little more time to reload or repair your structure.

Like a lot of instructionals, the blueprints show ideal situations. You must learn to be adaptive and build to suit the situation. So, remember that while the basic design is good, as you advance and become a more experienced builder, get more bold and daring. Try changing the design up a little bit and see what works for you.

After learning about height damage, the Jarich Frame was updated.

If you would like to buy the Jarich Frame, or Jarich Frame: Extended Cut, you can find them online.

Trap build with pointers.
Just the trap build.

At first I hated the Floor Launcher, I thought it useless and a waste. Now, I won’t go into battle without one. —Abraham Lincoln.

Disclaimer: Some assembly required. You’ll need to assemble the materials, then assemble the traps, then assemble the structure. Items like exploding propane tanks or toxic clouds may weaken structural integrity.

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