And so it Begins…

My mother used to tell us about the latin tradition of the journey of the three wisemen. Of how people would set up space in their homes with Joseph and Mary on one side of a room and the wisemen on the other. Then, each day of the month the wisemen would move closer and closer to Mary and Joseph, replicating—on a small scale—their real journey to meet the Christ child.

While we never actually did this in my home as a child, for a little over a decade, I have been doing this in my own home with my children—but with my own special touch. Over the years I have photographed and posted—with dialogue—a daily account of what the wisemen have encountered in my front room as they endeavor to reach Mary and Joseph on the 24th of December.

Over the years, each wiseman has developed their own personality. Melchior (blue cape) is in charge, very stiff and serious, exceptionally wise, and follows the rules. Melchior (magenta cape) is a regular/casual kind of guy, the glue that binds the group, understanding and accepting of the other two’s personalities—and is the only one to ever break the fourth wall. Gaspar (gold cape) is playful, innocent, silly and the most child-like. His antics will often cause the group a little misery—never intentionally.

This year my wife suggested that due to my blog, it might be fun to also post their adventures here. So I am, albeit a few days late in starting. And so, here are days 1, 2, and 3 of the Bagnall Family’s Wisemen Journey 2019 (stay tuned for daily updates).

Enjoy, and Happy Christmas everyone!

Wisemen 2019, Day 1

Gaspar, “Ooo, toilet paper. Wait, are we going to toilet paper someones house?!”
Melchior, “No, Gaspar. I am packing for our trip.”
Gaspar, “We-ell, maybe we could toilet paper Balthazar’s house first?”
Balthazar, “Gaspar, I’m standing right behind you.”
And so it begins…

Wisemen 2019, Day 2

Balthazar, “Did you see how Gaspar just pulled that entire ladder out of the crate, like Mary Poppins?”
Melchior, “I think they’re second cousins.”

Wisemen 2019, Day 3

Gaspar, “Alright then, smart guy. If they weren’t actual insects then explain to me how did all four of them fit inside that itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, little yellow submariney?”
Melchior, “He’s gotcha there.”

Next Day

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