Today at church we had our Primary Program. This is where all the youth between ages 3 and 12 congregate at the front of the church and perform some type of singing and speaking part. It’s always fun. The littlest ones forget their lines and mumble a little (but we all know what they are trying to say anyway). The oldest ones are usually bored after doing the activity year after year.

Today, however, was different.

As the children at the front of the meeting room were singing their last song at the end of the program, I found myself a little distracted. Then my wife, sitting right next to me, suddenly gasped. I had noticed movement near her, out of the corner of my eye, but I wasn’t sure what it was. But I had to look at what had caused my wife to gasp. So I turned my head and saw my own children standing. Of my four, only two remain at home. One, 17 and the other 14. They haven’t participated in the Primary Program for some time. That’s when I really noticed what was going on.

They were singing, my children were singing along with those at the front. As well as all the other children in the congregation. All the children under the age of 18 were standing, and singing. As I looked about the meeting room I could see all the children in the congregation were standing and singing about being righteous and a part of God’s army. The scene was difficult to see as my vision had blurred. I could make some tears in Cindy’s eyes.

The feeling, the spirit was very strong today. It was (for lack of a better/more appropriate word) awesome. I was almost completely overcome. Watching the children in our meeting house all standing together, singing, praising God together. It was an amazing, beautiful spectacle. One I would love to be a part of again. What a magnificent spectacle to behold.

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