To Boldly Go…

When I was little my dad would sit and watch Star Trek, the Original Series (syndicated). I thought the show was a little goofy but I like the captain.

My dad and I didn’t have common hobbies, and that was just fine. But, when Star Trek came on… I got to sit next to him on the sofa and watch a wonderful show about people trying to do the right thing. People trying to be better. People making mistakes and the consequences that came with them. Also, a captain that got just about every woman that he met. As a result, when I watch it now, I think of my dad.

I mention this because today I was able to take part in a fun little online conversation with the one and only William Shatner.

My workday on Wednesdays begins later in the morning and so I popped online to check the details of my post and a few other social media accounts. It takes a whole of three minutes. Easy-peasy. At the top of my Twitter account was a post from William Shatner regarding someone and what I understood to be their frustration at him because he didn’t do something for them. I was intrigued. I looked at the time and it was minutes ago. I could comment. Maybe I could be important (in the fickle-fleeting world that is social media). So I did. So did many others.

I watched to see what Mr. Shatner might do next. I follow him on Twitter because I like him. I enjoy his forwardness. The openness that he chooses to offer (after all he is allowed to have a private life). Regardless of how you feel about him, I enjoy his upfront honesty about his feeling on topics. I might not always agree, but I can respect honesty. I like honesty. And his Tweets are just fun for me to read.

Anyway, I got caught up in the responses and Mr. Shatner’s responses. I had work to get done, but here was one of my favorite actors conversing about a topic in real time! I had to be part of it (pathetic, I know, but it’s William Shatner!!!). So I made little comments. And there came a point where part of the original problem became more clear. Basically If William Shatner wants to give something, autograph, time, photo op, whatever, that is his choice. He does not owe his fans. And I agree. He has no contractual obligation to fulfill with his fans. He interacts when, and how he chooses. That is his right. And I agree.

My excitement went into overdrive when Mr. Shatner, and other commenters, brought up comments are given by him to those he wants to interact with. Lots of comments and in them, a kind of snotty reply. I was now driven with the possibility of real interaction with William Shatner if I could just say the right thing at the right time. I was in fandom heaven. But what to say? And when? Then it happened.

Mr. Shatner basically states that the guy wanted a response, but then complained about getting one. I see a good response, but then build on it with, “Not the one he wanted. The one he deserved.”

Then I saw it. I got a response. From Bill. “Someone gets it.”

Better than any autograph.

It is silly how we sometimes get involved with social media. How we can get caught up in things. Like we have a legitimate stake in the outcome when we really don’t. But for me, today, the way I see it, I got to speak to Mr. William Shatner, he heard what I had to say, and responded. Thank you Mr. Shatner. Thank you for all the wonderful years of grand characters you have given your many audiences. Thank you for the fun today.

Screenshot from this morning. Better than any autograph.

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