Quoth the Raven, ‘Evermore’

The Cast: My Family (Partakers of some great fun).

Yesterday, my family attended a theme park located in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The theme park is named Evermore. It is a medieval fantasy theme park where the visitors enter into another world where they are invited to wander about and enjoy what the park has to offer.

Upon entering the park we were entreated by an elven ranger to explore and enjoy his village. We were also warned about an evil that has recently afflicted the people of Evermore, and that we should be careful. Later that night we discovered why. Additionally, that same elf (Nightshade) enlisted my little group (my wife, two daughters, youngest son, as well as my grandson) to venture forward and if we so desired, to complete quests to join the Ranger’s Guild and help bring peace to Evermore.

To join this guild we had to perform three challenges. The first was to sneak up upon another member of Evermore and remain undetected for at least 30 seconds. With my grandson on my back, I stood behind an Evermore knight for 75 seconds—my grandson’s squeals eventually gave me away. Also, we had to gain intelligence on other guilds and the monsters seeping into the little village of Evermore.

My family wandered through crypts with what appeared to be vampire-like inhabitants. One tomb appeared to have a spider-like creature inhabiting it. These tombs were dark and filled with webs and all manner of spookiness within. Fortunately, we survived those experiences.

As the night came on, and a chill entered the air, fireplaces and alcoves with firepits were ignited to allow visitors to remain warm and added to the already amazing atmosphere. Light fog also encroached upon Evermore from the edges of the village. It must have been the evil that was infecting the town. That same evil had even infected its king. He had been warped into a huge monster that oozed evil and showed his wicked disposition upon his skull-like face.

In the dusk of Evermore, we wandered about through the paths and found villagers that had become infected by the evil and had been warped into undead like monsters. These poor people simply moaned and struggled to walk toward us in a zombie-like fashion. A few of my party did not receive this greeting very well.

When we needed some rest, we stopped by the local tavern where we were treated most warmly by the keeper, Suds. Suds was warm and friendly. A cheery fellow that spoke to me as we had been friends for years and were just catching up on each other’s lives. There was chess to be played and the winner was given gold. My youngest daughter won against her brother.

Down in a hole in the ground, we met a band of dwarf singers. Within their home they interacted with visitors and sang songs and entertained us all. This was my favorite part of the night, as I had received a shot-out from one of the dwarves due to my assistance in their creative lyrical playfulness.

At the end of the night, my little troup reported to the Rangers and were inducted into their guild. We received knowledge, instruction for future missions, and names. My wife Cindy (who’s name means ‘Bringer of light’) was given the code name: Lightbringer. The ranger who assigned the name was more than a little surprised. I just laughed. My code name is also very appropriate as I have recently begun to write my stories and tell tales of my adventures. My code name: Mythmaker.

Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, Utah is a great experience for families, small groups, a date, it doesn’t matter. You can dress for the adventure or just show up in jeans and a tee-shirt. The Evermore residents don’t care. They are warm, welcoming and full of fun. It was one of the best times I have had with my family. I am glad we went and am looking forward to visiting again.

I strongly recommend a visit. A great time for a more than reasonable price. For more information visit their website: https://www.evermore.com/

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