Hanging Ten. On an Automobile. —Cindy’s Perseption

An introduction from William: I had a friend, and blog subscriber, suggest that I allow another side of some stories to be shared. So I thought I would give it a try. And so, this is how my wife, Cindy, recalls the events of last week’s story.

Nah, nah, nah, nah, no. That is not how I remembered the story. At. All. First off, we tried this “car surfing” first on my much smaller, 1976 blue Honda Civic which was missing a rearview mirror (thanks to Erich). We were on the side streets of Fairview that were not kept up in any shape or form. The last time they had been paved was most likely the first time, about the time pavement came to be. Potholes were impossible to avoid. Also, I didn’t even reach parade speed. They both said they had done this before-because guys neeeeever brag to girls they think are cute (she says dripping with sarcasm). Then, after going a couple blocks with barely touching the gas pedal, they knock on the roof and to tell me they’re done. And then, they accused me of trying to kill them. Seriously? Neither one of them had a license or much experience driving a vehicle so what do they know, really?
As far as the surfing episode on the Beast goes, they had more space up there so I figured I could go around 5 mph. Nope. I got complaints as soon as I even touch the accelerator. And then they expect a smooth ride on a side street in Sanpete? Not gonna happen although this one was much smoother than the last one. Also I’m thinking, “You know, maybe these guys should get an idea of the image they are trying to portray. I should give them a challenge.” So I turned a corner. Well, kind of fall off the corner. The pavement had sort of worn away on the edge. It was a bit of a bump but no one fell off so I’m thinking they’re doing good so I keep going straight. Shortly after, they bailed. How, I don’t know. As far as future rides go, it wasn’t on my vehicle. I’m not too sure who they convinced of their prowess but I’m thinking she was cute.

One thought on “Hanging Ten. On an Automobile. —Cindy’s Perseption

  1. It’s not my fault about the missing mirror! Things just happen. Just like when I broke the door handle in Dia’s car. People shouldn’t make things so fragile! I blam your car!


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