Fun Friday

So, my son found the photo that I used for the banner image on his phone and sent it to my wife. It was taken close to the time our dog passed away. Our son also found a short little video that he had taken of our dog playing in the snow. Our dog, Porthos, loved the snow! His favorite game was catching snow in his mouth. And I use the term ‘catching’ lightly. He missed almost every time, and you could hear his jaws snapping at the air. But he didn’t care. He loved that game. Such a playful dog.

When we would get to our property at the end of a walk, we would disconnect his leash and Porthos would bolt into the yard, turn to face us, and then plant himself in the snow in preparation to leap into the air and snap at snow being thrown, or kicked (we would scoop the snow onto the toecap of our shoe and ‘throw’ it upward, we never kicked our dog), or whatever, at him. He was so much fun.

My blog account can’t show video, yet. But I just wanted to share a little bit of my sad joy. Sad, because I miss my dog so very much. Joy, because he brought so much into my life.

Thank you, son, for sharing. Thank you, Porthos, for being.

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