The Cast (for now)

  • Myself: The center of this little universe. The gadgeteer of our little group. Boisterous and arrogant. Full of energy. Very Peter Pan like. Favorite Ninja Turtle: Raphael. Superhero Identity: Batman, Praying Mantis, Black Widow (that has a story of it’s own), and Casey Jones.
  • Cindy: My wife. Mother of our children. Love of my life and the reason I have done most of what I have done.
  • Erich: A long-time friend (pronounced with a hard ‘k’ sound, not a soft ‘ch’). Always fun. He could turn into a gorilla with a little black licorice and root beer. Agile, freaky strong, playful and friendly. Erich was eager to do anything. Eat it, lick it, climb it, kiss her… Well you get the idea. Favorite Ninja Turtle: Leonardo. Superhero Identity: Tiger
  • Richard: Another long time friend and cohort. Willing to go along for the ride—and often being the one who drove. Favorite Ninja Turtle: Donatello. Superhero Identity: Zeplin, later Shadow.